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I would like to do my part and help my community by supporting our young adults with special needs.

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DANI Updates

DANI Dairy Delight will be open during the 9 days (July 28-August 4) Delicious lunch and dinner menu. Take out is available. Our patio will be open. See opening hours and menu on the Upcoming Events page.

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Upcoming events

DANI strives to provide new and exciting events. In addition to our own fundraising initiatives DANI often partners up with other community organizations to help keep others informed of the latest happenings. We work hard to offer interesting speakers in our Café. Dedication and sponsorship opportunities available.

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Catering & Gifts

DANI Dairy Delights is our catering initiative where we provide Kosher certified catering services. Supervised by a professional chef and a team of dedicated volunteers our young adults work hard to create an elegantly presented dairy meal for your office or party. Here at DANI we also offer baby gifts, hostess gifts, thank you gifts and more.


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The DANI five day program is currently accepting application for 2013/2014. Applications are still being accepted for our social programs. We have a new day program: Bridges to Transition. DANI programs are a great place for socializing, learning and re-enforcing necessary life skills. These programs are geared for clients ages 14 and up.

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